I need I wantHey there. I’m a 40 something. I’ve got a nipper (or child to the layman) and am constantly shopping around for deals and what not.

I thought I’d blog about it. Seeing that’s what all the cool kids do these days, you know take a selfie wearing headphones and sharing it on instafam and what not.

Despite my age I really don’t act like it. Far from it. In fact I am the absolute opposite of my age. Not in a wearing tight jeans kinda way and professing my love of coffee etc.

I’m just a big kid. Sadly 😉

Just thought it might be a giggle to start a blog

True enough, I thought it might be a bit of laugh. 

So what will you get from reading I Need I Want? Well you’ll get to save some money that’s a start.

Who doesn’t like some extra shrapnel rocking around in their sky rocket? You feel me? (so street)

If there’s one thing my forty something years have taught me is that I can spot a deal. A saving, a steal, something you can tell your friends when out and about.

“Yeh I bought XYZ the other day, only set me back £££££”


“I bought that too only cost me ££££”

Cue the uncomfortable silence of regret.

I thought I’d share my money saving deals & reviews

I love a bargain, I’m not a cheapskate. I do like saving a couple of quid here and there though. So I threw caution to the wind and decided to blog about it.

Sharing honest product reviews, and where you can buy stuff cheaper. If you really needed it or wanted it. Hence I Need I Want.

What will I do on I Need I Want?

Well I’m not here to muck you about, I’m here to help you save money period. I’ll round stuff up, seek out deals and share them with you, my adoring public audience all three of themMum, dad, Homelands on do one.

So if you’re up for saving some money, then why not let me help? I’ll list deals and specials from various UK outlets, you grab a bargain, I make a couple of quid. (which leads me onto…)

How does I Need I Want make money?

The simple answer is, I probably won’t. That’s not what I’m doing it for. I’m doing this because it’s fun, if I can help you save some money on electricals, games, and more, then happy days.

If you do decide to buy something on the advice I’ve given, then I will earn a commission. You see there’s affiliate links on I Need I Want.

If you click on a link in a blog post I have written, and subsequently buy a product, then I get a small commission.

That’s it. That’s how it works. Simples.

If you’d let to get in touch, request a product review, or send me a special offer to share with my readers, you can contact me here.